WLC awarded a Whistler Community Foundation grant for education bursaries

The Whistler Community Foundation (WCF) has generously awarded the Whistler Learning Centre a grant to provide bursaries for local residents who quality and wish to participate in the 2020 Whistler BCIT courses listed below.

Bursaries of $300-500 from the WCF will be administered by Whistler Community Services Society, community members who need financial assistance with fees should follow the process below:

  1. Contact a WCSS Outreach Worker (Whistler Community Services Society) to request an application form and schedule a call/virtual meeting.
  2. Complete the short application form and submit the completed form with information requested to WCSS.
  3. You will be emailed to notify you if your application has been successful. Note that there are a limited number of bursaries available which are issued on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
  4. Once the bursary is confirmed enrol for the Whistler based course:

Note: you will be taken to the BCIT website to register, select the Spring/Summer 2020 tab, the Whistler courses have WHIST as the location. Bursaries are only available for Whistler residents or workers taking the WHIST courses.

  1. Please send contact@whistlerlearningcentre.com confirmation of your enrolment. To do this log into your MyBCIT account. Click “Student Self Serve”. Scroll down to “Fee assessment, payments, and receipts” and click. Click “view/print your tuition receipt”.
  2. WLC will issue you an e-transfer for the bursary amount after the first day of class.