WLC receives $103,270 CAD to support programming with First Nations

On 10 December 2019 Vail Resorts announced that CEO Rob Katz gave $2.8 Million in Grants to Further Mental & Behavioral Health Efforts in Mountain Resort Communities across North America. The Whistler Learning Centre was selected to receive $103,270 CAD to support programming with First Nations including life skills training, culturally appropriate peer support groups, and the development of program to train First Nation therapists.

“These programs, being developed in collaboration with the Lil’wat Nation and the British Columbia Institute of Technology, can assist the Lil’Wat Nation by providing more tools to better meet their cultural, social and economic goals,” said Dr. Steve Milstein, Chair of the Board of Directors for The Whistler Learning Center. “The Whistler Learning Centre and BCIT are honoured to have the opportunity to work with the Lil’wat people. We welcome the participation and support of the Katz Amsterdam Charitable Trust to advance British Columbia and Canada’s commitment to Reconciliation with First Nation people.”

Read the full press release here: http://news.vailresorts.com/corporate/vail-resorts-ceo-rob-katz-gives-28-million-in-grants-to-further-mental-behavioral-health-efforts-in-mountain-resort-communities-across-north-america.htm