Indigenous and Intercultural Awareness Course

BCIT has partnered with the Lílw̓at7ul Nation in Mount Currie, BC and the Whistler Institute to bring you the first offerings in a custom Indigenous & Intercultural Awareness Training program. This program features a series of courses, the first of which features the history, traditions and culture of the Lílw̓at7ul Nation which is followed by a course on Indigenous and intercultural awareness at work. It is intended that the program will be expanded to add courses introducing history, traditions and culture of more Indigenous communities and developed in partnership with those Nations.

This educational workshop is led by expert facilitators and provides local employers and staff the background and tools needed to recruit, train, and retain local Indigenous community members.

Students are exposed to Indigenous history as well as the culture and traditions of the Lílw̓at7ul. Theories of intercultural competency and communication styles are explored as a way to develop cross cultural leadership tools intended to support a diverse and indigenized workplace. Students will apply the acquired knowledge via case studies, online discussions, reflective writing and a culminating project relevant to their business/organization.

“In August and September 2022, I had the privilege of completing the two-part course Lil’wat Nation Indigenous & Intercultural Awareness, offered by the Lil’wat Nation, the Whistler Institute, and British Columbia Institute of Technology. As a settler living and working in Lil’wat territory, I can’t express how valuable this learning opportunity was. Instructor Yvonne Wallace is warm, engaging, and highly knowledgeable. Her teaching style seamlessly integrated Lil’wat storytelling into an academic format, and she created a safe space for learners with very different starting points. Having completed a number of more “general” Indigenous-lead training sessions over the past several years, I can’t emphasize enough the impact of learning through a local lens, from an educator who belongs to a Nation with whom we interact every day.”   Course Participant

The course is designed to be held face-to-face. The in-person course is split into two parts over three days, however, participants are not required to complete both parts. Part 1 is a pre-requisite for Part 2.

In-Person Course Details

Part 1: Lílw̓at7ul Nation History, Traditions, Culture (one day, 7 hours)

Part 2: Indigenous & Intercultural Awareness at Work (two days, 12 hours)

Next Offerings

Part 1: Date & Time TBD

Part 2: Date & Time TBD

For organizations sponsoring their staff and wanting to be invoiced please follow these instructions.  The Whistler Institute will be hosting more offerings of the course in 2022. If you would like to be notified when courses are scheduled and they become available to register, please sign up here.

The goals of the full program (part 1 and 2) are to:

Current offerings reflect the Lil’wat Nation.  However, we are working with individual Indigenous communities to develop custom programs that reflect their unique communities.

To learn more about this course, download the course flat sheet with pricing and delivery options here. Contact the Whistler Institute today for group enquiries and to sign your team up for the Indigenous & Intercultural Training program.