3 Environmental professional development courses scheduled for Fall 2018

The Whistler Learning Centre is excited to announce that three professional development courses have been scheduled for delivery during Fall 2018 in Whistler:

Fall 2018 Courses
Environmental Monitoring for Construction Projects. Oct 23-25, 2018

A comprehensive applied overview of skills, abilities and procedures required for effective monitoring of environmentally related construction projects. This course will include numerous practical exercises and case study reviews where participants are exposed to and complete tasks and requirements for a wide variety of environmental construction projects.
Location: Whistler. 3 Days: 9am-5pm, $750. Learn more and sign up online here.

Wildlife Danger Tree Assessor: Parks & Recreation module. Nov 7-8, 2018

This course is developed and designed specifically for parks, recreations sites, and other settings where there may be exposure to potentially dangerous trees. Participants will learn how to identify wildlife and dangerous trees, and determine steps necessary to enhance worker/public safety and habitat protection when operating around wildlife/dangerous trees. This 2-day course combines both classroom sessions and field practice in a local park or municipal setting.
Location: Whistler. 2 Days: 9am-5pm, $455. Learn more and sign up online here.

Environmental DNA (eDNA) Methods. Nov 27, 2018

EDNA is a relatively new method that is increasingly being used for survey of aquatic taxa, including vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants. This highly effective, cost-efficient and non-invasive method relies on the detection of genetic materials in aquatic ecosystems using laboratory analysis of water samples to detect DNA from the target taxa. This one-day course will provide training and instruction to engage in the use of eDNA methods. The training will benefit those interested in conducting or contracting eDNA field programs.
Location: Whistler. 1 Day: 9am-5pm, $425. Learn more and sign up online here.